What makes us different?

The Martial Way is challenging, finding new students shouldn't be

We actually care deeply about martial arts

Our founder is a martial artist, he started this company because he believes deeply in the benefits that martial arts provide. A new lead isn’t just a number on a spreadsheet at our agency, that’s an adult or child that will have the opportunity to join a supportive and positive community.

So, what makes us different than other agencies that have clients in many different industries? We know the impact a life dedicated to the Martial Way can have. We know and we care.

We take the stress out of finding new students

For most studios, the biggest obstacle to growth is finding new students. Our sole focus is helping your studio positively affect the lives of others with the benefit that only your instruction can provide.

By communicating your message, your value, we will grow your business and put you in a position to reach as many people as possible. You’ll have a steady stream of new leads and appointments flowing through your door each month.

We are a results driven agency

We are a niche specific, performance-based agency that specializes in Facebook advertising for martial arts studios. We create ads that stop scrolling, copy that converts, and marketing strategies based on what works.

We are proven to help studios get new students and increase sales—we gauge your success by measuring your ROI and ensuring that your influence touches the lives of all those who step through your doors.

Taming Facebook ads with experience

At Budo Agency, we only work with martial arts studios and we consistently run Facebook ads, so we have a pretty good idea of what works and what doesn’t for this niche. However, we also have enough experience to know that things are always changing. We never stop iterating and learning, guaranteeing that your marketing dollars are working their hardest. You can focus on running your studio, while we conquer ads in the background.

Creative for the purpose of growth and conversion

Our creative solutions make sure your messaging is clear, engaging, and effective. Everything we do revolves around telling your story. By using images that grab attention, and providing an offer that sparks desire, we compel people to engage and convert.

We harness our creativity to help you make money so that you can continue improving the lives of your students.

Using data as a weapon

To be successful with Facebook ads you need to analyze lots of data, do research, and iterate frequently to get the most out of your marketing dollars. We will constantly monitor the data and make tweaks based on what’s working and what isn’t so that you can properly engage in mentoring your new students, without distraction.

We actually care deeply about martial arts

We take the stress out of finding new students

We are a results driven agency

Taming Facebook ads with experience

Creative for the purpose of growth and conversion

Using data as a weapon

company Ethos

Committed to those who have dedicated themselves to Budo

“Boldness in the face of the unknown. What it takes to put it all on the line in service of a life dedicated to Budo, the Martial Way.”

“To rise and rise again. Keeping a singular focus on the task at hand with the determination of will to conquer any and all obstacles in your path to victory.”

“Reflect on the journey. Be patient in suffering and thankful in victory. The road is long, do not carry needless weight.”

“Treat all things with decency and honor. The rewards for doing so are great but the reprisals are swift and exacting.”

“Stand proudly in accomplishment. Recognize the value of growth and receive the merits of experience with virtue.”

Company Stats


Revenue Generated
For Clients In 2020


Average ROI


Average Ad Spend
Per Month

our Process

We fuel growth for martial arts studios all over the United States

We approach every project methodically. This process is our secret to success, and it’s centered around effectiveness.


30 Min
Discovery Call

We jump on a quick call to find out more about your business, your ethos, and whether or not we are a good fit for your studio.


Account Setup &

We will setup your ad account, discuss strategy and offer, and setup any automation that might be required.


Campaign Development

After we set up your account and discuss strategy, we get to work on creating your ads and raft a campaign catered to your studio’s needs.


Campaign Kickoff

Once you have reviewed and approved the new ads we launch the campaign.


Monitor The Data
and Make Adjustments

We will monitor the campaign and make sure it’s performing as expected. If needed, we will make tweaks based on the data in order to guarantee the best results.


Review, Optimize &

After our first monthly campaign we will review results and discuss how we can make things even better moving forward.


We ended up getting 22 new students last month! 10 from Facebook ads 💪🏻

Last night, I signed up 6 people. 5, out of the 6, were from fb ads. Your ads are fucking killer. Thank you so much for everything you have done to help grow my business!

So many leads!! I love it! Scheduling is great too.

9 new total signups this month! All from Facebook ads.

I have 6 private lessons today because of you 😁 (6 in one day is alot). Before you I had like 6 in a whole month 😂

So I’m at 14 total new students this month 👊.

11 total signups so far.  I still have a potential of 6/7 more this month.

I’m excited to crush this year now that I have your help. 200 students is a big goal but I believe it’s more than doable since we climbed 50 easily in 7ish months time with your help.

September I already have the potential of 22 new students.

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